The Uses and Abuses of Welfare

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IMAGINE a country where countless men, women and children die because of malnutrition; where multitudes wander from place to place without homes or work; where hundreds of thousands live in sprawling shantytowns, inhabiting “homes” made of boxes or rusty car bodies; where beggars stay alive by stealing or by foraging scraps from garbage cans.

No, this is not some poverty-stricken Asian or African land. This is the United States of America, 50 years ago during the Great Depression. At that time millions in both Europe and the United States were desperately poor, with little hope of improving their situation. It was to prevent the return of such poverty that many governments established public welfare.

Today, working people in many industrial lands experience relative financial security because of government programs for financial help. In some places they receive grants, such as allowances for each child. They may pay taxes that give them the right to claim benefits to help tide them over periods of unemployment, cover medical bills or give them pensions when they retire. In these lands, if citizens suffer hardship, public assistance is often available to help them survive.

All such programs are very humane. Nevertheless, they have led to problems. Some people are bitter because they suspect that their taxes are being used to support people who could work for a living if they so wanted. Others feel it is undignified to accept handouts.

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