Best Providers Of Guarantee.

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If you are searching for a Genuine Provider of loan, bank guarantees, BG, SBLC, DLC and Usance L/C who can Absolutely 100% Deliver, you have found them! 

Our primary focus is on BGs (Bank Guarantees), SBLC (Standby Letters of Credit), MTNs (Mid Term Notes), LTNs (Long Term Notes), PPP (Private Placement Programs), Monetization, Banks and other categories that forum members request.

The Bank Guarantee, SBLC and Financial Instruments industry is a minefield for most people, It is full of scammers and pretenders, misinformation and a lot of peoplGenuine Provider of Non Recourse Loan, Project Finance, BG, SBLC & DLCe who profess to be direct to suppliers when they are not. 

TOP BILLION FINANCE LIMITED is the leading experts in the industry of buying, selling, monetizing, funding or discounting bank guarantees. TOP BILLION FINANCE LIMITED helps you stay away from such road blocks and get your Bank Guarantee issued and monetized consistently and seamlessly.

We only deal with real clients, real deals and real service providers. All our processes are designed to protect you the customer and ensure a smooth successful transaction is completed for for the betterment of all parties involved. 

TOP BILLION FINANCE LIMITED date of incorporation is 10th, December 1999  and is legally registered in Hong Kong as a Financial Services Provider with Company Registration Number: 0697521.NOTICE TO INTENDING CUSTOMERS: These posts are for educational purposes and I make them mostly to educate our highly esteemed customers. If you have interest in these posts or interested in doing business with us please send us an email introducing yourself and indicating in which area you think we can work together. We look forward to receiving your email soon. NOTICE TO BROKERS/AGENTS/COMPANY REPS: Brokers are the life blood of our business and as a result we respect them, value them and appreciate them. So new brokers are welcomed, appreciated and compensated with good commission. Here are a few of the many benefits of being a TOP BILLION FINANCE LIMITED broker:

Top Billion Finance Ltd. financial instruments providers

  • Professional Broker Support
  • Healthy Commissions Paid on every Deal
  • Be Direct to the client, NOT in a Broker Chains!
  • Earn between 1% to 2% Commission on Every Deal
  • Brokers are 100% Protected Against Possible Circumvention.
  • Wide Range of Financial Instruments, Bank Guarantee Programs and Client Funding and Monetization Services
  • If you are interested to become our broker or company representative, kindly send us your resume via email for more information.

Company Name:
Top Billion Finance Ltd.
Company Address: Room 1603-05, Harcourt House, 39 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Email:   |
Telephone: +852 8191 5275

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