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If you are a business owner in search of financing for your business, contact us today to receive a free consultation.

We are currently providing bank guarantees, sblc, loans and project funding for our clients all over the world.

We provide both secured and unsecured loans, personal loans, business loan, SME loan, investment loans etc. We offer very flexible loan terms and our interest rate is just 3% per year.

All our Bank Instruments are Issued from Top Rated Banks such as HSBC Hong Kong, Barclays Bank London, Standard Chaterered Bank or any top rated AAA bank. These Bank Instruments can be used to secure Funding for Projects, Business Expansion, Discounting, Monetization and Private Placement Programs (PPP).


Loans: (Non Recourse Loans, Business Loans, Secured Loans, Unsecured Loans, International Project Financing)
Lease Bank Instruments (Bank Guarantee, SBLC, Letters of Credit)
Letters of Credit (DLC, L/C, Usance LC)
Investments and Wealth Management
Insurance Underwriting Services
Corporate Finance
BROKERS ARE WELCOMED: We pay 2% commission to brokers on every deal they bring to us
For more information kindly contact us via the below contact details:
Company Name: Top Billion Finance Ltd.
Skype: topbillionfinance@gmail.com
Website: http://www.topbillionfinance.com
Email: info@topbillionfinance.com   | topbillionfinance@protonmail.com
Telephone: +852 8191 5275

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